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Setup Area: 31 x 31' round

Monitors: 1

Outlets: 2

Age Group: All Ages

KAPOW is a multi-player game where participants race against each other through a circular inflatable obstacle course.

KAPOW’s unique elements are the two sets of rotating boom arms. One arm spins in a clockwise direction designed to come into contact with the player at knee/thigh level, while the second arm is spinning counter clockwise. The second arm is higher and would hit a player around the chest area.

Each player will have their own lane, until the final straight where both players race to the finish line.

How it’s played
%u25FETwo participants set off at the same time at separate entrances to the game.
%u25FEThey will then run through set lanes that have inflatable obstacles in them.
%u25FEThese lanes are based on concentric circles, so participants will have to `turn back on themselves’ three times.
%u25FEThe game is a race, so at the end, both participants will run down the same lane to the finish line.

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